Privacy Policy

Trying to keep things simple and secure.

We believe your data is your data. We won't give your data to anyone unless you explicitly tell us to.

Here are some things we think are important:

We store your password in a super-duper strong encrypted format. We can't even get to it ourselves.

We won't send you email unless it's really, really important. And, we won't give your email out, even if we're captured and tortured.

We only use your resume to generate your Match Scores and make our system better. We're not giving that out either. Nope.

Your jobs are your jobs. We aren't sharing those with anyone. If we later add a feature to allow you to share your jobs, then that will be up to you. But, that's a big "if".

We track your activity with Google Analytics to help us understand which features you use, and which you don't. From this we can make the site better for you.

Anything else we collect about you is stuff like feedback about the service or ideas for features.

If you have a question about how we handle any of your data, ask us. We'll probably tell you.