Frequently Asked Questions

If it's not here, we might not even know.

What is is a tool for anyone looking for a job. We give you a bookmark button to add to your browswer to collect jobs from any web site, and tools to help prioritize and track your progress. We'll tell you which jobs are worth applying for and which are a waste of time. We'll also tell you what to do to your resume to make it a better match for a specific job. See how it works.

Why prioritize the jobs I apply for?

Completing an online application properly can take from 20 minutes to more than an hour. Recruiters can tell how much effort you put into your application so it's worth spending as much time on them as possible. Doesn't it make sense to start with the jobs you're most likely to be a match for?

Shouldn't I just apply to every job I find?

Actually, no. That's a really bad idea. Even really large companies often have just a few recruiters looking through every resume. They remember people who apply many times for jobs that aren't a good match and may skip over your resume just because they recognize it. Also, it takes a long time to complete an online application properly. Do you really want to spend all your free time completing applications?

Will help me get a job?

We think that using will help you get a job faster and with less effort. If you're asking if we'll interview for you or hire you ourselves, the answer is probably not.

How much does cost to use? is free for individuals to use. Instead of charging you, we plan to "stick it to the man", whatever that means.

Do I have to install anything?

There is nothing to install. You only need to add the bookmark button to your browser bookmark bar to use to collect jobs. This should work on any browser at your home, work, library, Aunt Sally's, etc... Watch a short video showing how to install the button. If you want to remove it, you just delete it like any other bookmark.

What do you do with my data? Sell it?

Nope. Never. Your data is safe with us. Take a look at our privacy policy.

What is a Match Score?

We compare your resume to each job you've collected to generate a match score. The higher the match score, the more likely your resume will be seen by a recruiter after you apply. You can then use this information to decide how to prioritize your efforts.

How do you actually generate the match score?

We use proprietary algorithms to generate a score that simulates the methods that recruiters use to prioritize candidates within an applicant tracking system (ATS). The actual method involves natural language processing (NLP) to identify classes of "significant" n-grams within the job posting and scoring them against your resume. It makes our heads spin too. We use the excellent NLTK for Python among other tools.

If you don't charge, how do you make money?

We don't make any money. Probably not the best business model, but at least we're having fun doing it.

What does it mean that the site is in beta?

It means we're still working on it! The site is very functional, but you're bound to find a few things that aren't working perfectly. Here is what you do. Sign up and use the awesome tools to find a job. If you happen to run across something broken, tell us what it is and we'll fix it. If you have a good idea for a feature, tell us and we'll build it. It's that simple. Create an account.

Why would I enter a job manually?

You probably won't, except where you got the job information from somewhere besides a web page and you can't find the web page with the information. We think this should be pretty rare but wanted to give you a way to do it just in case.